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Brief introduction

In this modern age, online dating has become popular, and it’s been embraced by all categories of people ranging from countries and background. It is convenient for people who are always busy, and their tight schedule won’t allow them to hook up physically with their dates or meet someone they like. Connecting with your lover is made with a reliable online dating site like www.whatsyourprice.com. The site is user-friendly; it comprises all the features that will give you a memorable online dating experience.


Whatsyourprice.com takes the lead when it comes to online dating; it has brought a new dimension to the online dating scene. The site has a track record of producing more relationships that eventually led to marriages more than any dating website. Check our full review to have a full grasp of how our dating site will help you achieve your dream of meeting your true love.

Registration Process

This site is easy to navigate, signing up on whatsyourprice.com is easy, and it won’t waste your time at all. The information you need to supply when signing up on this website is your country of residence, email address, gender, birthday, state of residence, and sexual orientation. We offer our services to only straight individual; therefore, you can only indicate whether you are male or female on our gender option.
Once you have nominated your username and a password that will enable you to log in, you will be directed automatically to a page where you can build your profile – profile builder. It is a simple process that you can follow quickly without confusion. Here, you supply relevant details by following a step-by-step process. Some of the information are your preference, personal information, body built, among others. You will also be required to write an include a short ‘about me’ paragraph that should not be more than one hundred characters.

You are expected to upload your photographs on whatsyourprice.com. Note that there is no picture approval on whatsyourprice.com, but ensure that you upload a decent picture on this site. You should also be aware that there is no verification of your match dating email. Once you are done with your registration and completed your profile, you can log in to your account right away and start making use the online dating features available on this website.

Features of whatyourprice.com

Whatsyourprice.com has a lot of outstanding features that enable you to connect with your lover without stress. This dating site is unmatchable when it comes to usability and design. It is designed such that everyone will be able to navigate through the website without any confusion. The online app also comprises excellent dating features.

Also, all the contacting features of whatsyourprice.com are basic. On the website, there is a ‘Matches” tab that shows you a suggested profile to decide whether to skip or like them. When you are not interested in a profile, another one will appear until you are presented with the one you want. When you click on the ‘like’ button, a notification will be sent to that member, and the profile will be included in your ‘Likes’ list.

Apart from the ‘matches’ function, whatsyourprice.com has a search function that enables you to look for a specific set of members. With this feature, you can carry out an extensive search based on age, looks, interests, gender, lifestyle, location, and personal information. Also, you have the privilege of searching by keywords. You can modify how you want your search result to appear, and even save your search queries.

Premium-paying member can enjoy two additional features, which are match me and matchphone.

Match Me

This feature gives your profile preference by making you appear on the first suggested on the ‘matches’ feature of another user. The match me feature is available to only premium-paying members.

Match Phone

With this feature, you will have the opportunity of calling other members with a number assigned by our website. The match administrator connect you with the other member when you click on the match phone feature. You will talk with the other user via an anonymous line, so you can freely express yourself without any fear of being monitored. You have the privilege of blocking the member from calling you if you don’t like how things played out when you called him or her. Here are the services you stand to enjoy when you use our website:

Free Services

  • View profiles of members
  • Profile Creation
  • Account registration
  • Members’ search
  • Participation in a matchmaking game
  • Receiving of singleout matches


  • Browse Anonymously
  • Send messages
  • Email ‘read’ messages
  • MatchPhone
  • Instant messenger
  • Have a spot on daily matches
  • Know who has checked your profile

Design and Usability

The design of whatisyourprice.com is straightforward and clean. You can see the features easily through the menu of the dating site as well as the mobile app icon.

The design of the app and the website is fascinating to vast numbers of new generation users because of its minimalist design. Whatisyourprice.com makes use of the visually appealing icons to represent members’ profile instead of using unnecessary words to describe information and sections of their profile.


  • The site is easy to navigate
  • Your identity is protected
  • There is a lot of features that make it easy for you to connect with the right person
  • Extensive search filters
  • You can send likes without any charges
  • Easy and fast registration
  • More natural profile creation through profile builder


  • None


This site is designed to protect your identity as much as possible. Some of the privacy measures are anonymous calling and the ability to browse invisibly. At whatisyourprice.com, your privacy and satisfaction is our priority.

Editors Verdict

Whatisyourprice.com is an excellent online dating platform that brings people of like minds together for a long-lasting relationship. The descriptions in this review are not but the exact representation of the features and what you stand to enjoy as a user whether on the website. The dating site offers the best when it comes to matchmaking services as well as member search. Premium members enjoy full features for excellent value for their money. With its money bank assurance, whatisyourprice.com is an online dating site that worth every penny spent. Why not try it today?

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