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Brief introduction

SugarDaddyMeet is a dating website on which people can find partners for sugar relationships, and provides a platform where wealthy people can find and date others who have similar mindsets. “Sugar relationships” term refers to those two-person relationships in which one partner, generally the younger of the two, agrees to provide affection and attention to the older partner, in exchange for material favors. In other words, sugar relationships are different from normal relationships because they necessarily entail a material element, which takes the form of money (whether as financed expenses or cash payments) and gifts. Gifts include jewellery, perfume, clothing and accessories, and paid vacations, etc.


Generally, a sugar baby will provide his or her mama or daddy with attention, romantic actions (going on dates, kissing, and so forth), deep emotional connections (both at the level of friendship and romance), and sexual activity. It’s common for sugar babies to sugar as a form of paying for expenses, often their need to pay for school or maintain a nice apartment. Last, the sugar baby may bring his or her partner to events, including weddings and work parties, both as a “friend” and under the pretense that they are romantic lovers.

Website basics

SugarDaddyMeet was founded in 2007; its motto is “Sugar Makes Life Sweeter.” The site advertises its clientele as being largely young, professional and educated, with jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and financiers. The site specifies that sugar daddies must be rich (in other words, no so-called “salt daddies!”). It requires that users be from the 20 top richest countries in the world, including the US, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and South Korea. The site has a freemium membership plan: users can access the base services for free, but they can pay for a special subscription to access additional, more privileged features.

Almost 2 million users have an account on the membership-driven website. Data indicates that there are around 7,500 users active every day. The website indicates that some 75% of members are sugar babies, with 25% representing the proportion of sugar daddies., a platform that handles billing and payment for various dating websites, owns SugarDaddyMeet. SuccessfulMatch also operates other websites, including BiCupid, OlderWomanDating, and MillionaireMatch.

The site functions by allowing users to see each other’s profiles, so that they can find similar members to have a relationship with. Profiles include photos, information on what kind of relationship the user is looking for, and other related info. Users can search for members with specific characteristics they’re looking for.

Registration process

When you open your account, you must include a profile photo and an “About Me” section, along with a headline. You must describe yourself and what the criteria of the partner you’re looking for. You need to verify your account with your cell-phone number (this verifies your location). Next, your profile must be approved by the staff: this generally takes around half an hour, but can take up to two days.

When you first make an account, you fill out a form that lists your gender and age, and whether you’re searching for a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. (Unfortunately, the site does not allow for women to sign up as sugar mamas, or for men to sign up as sugar babies.) You list the country, and, if desired, the region you live in. This information is eventually used to make your user profile. Profiles supply information on the person, as well as their recent activity on the website and comments made about them by other users. They also show the answers to entertaining questions designed to understand that user better.

Once you’ve filled out this information, you agree to the policies:that you upload only high-quality pictures—users may be blocked from their services otherwise—and that everyone involved be at least eighteen. Abuse, catfishing, spam and fraud are forbidden, as is using the site for “escort services.” Finally, you can make your own account, using either your Facebook or your email address.

Free memberships

The basic membership is free. The free service allows you to reply to messages sent to you, and to send winks to other users. But once a user has messaged you, you can answer him or her without needing to buy a premium membership. You can like photos and add users to your favorites list. With a free membership, you can “wink” to other users, who can view your photo, and decide whether or not to email you back.

Paid memberships

There are also paid (premium) memberships on the website. These are necessary for messaging users on the site. Other features of the premium membership are the option to see when a given user last accessed their account, effective search functionalities, and security tools. You can message users, use the advanced search to find members, engage in IM chat, and offer gifts for first dates.

One month costs fifty dollars (USD); three months is thirty per month; and six months is twenty-four dollars a month. You can pay for services with debit, credit, PayPal, or cash. Further, you can receive a gold membership by engaging with the site: sharing advice for dating, suggesting how the website can be improved, and so on.


Users can set up lists of favorite users, and participate in the chatroom. The “Let’s Meet” feature allows you to find matches with users that match the parameters you’re looking for. This randomizes potential matches that you can accept or decline. When you accept, or “heart,” a profile showed to you—and that user hearts your own profile—you’re both added as mutual matches.

The website offers a section for dating tips: general dating advice, tips for first dates, and tips for greater safety (info on scammers, being sexually responsible, etc.). The section on advanced dating tips even includes advice for various scenarios: interracial dating, dating during the holidays, dating when children are involved, etc.

Additionally, users can submit blog posts asking for help, discussing sugar relationships, and offering advice. There’s a more traditional forum, which has much of the same, and a testimonials section. Customer support is free, and is offered twenty-four hours a day over the phone, via email, and live support.


There is also a mobile app of the website: the SDM (“Seek, Date, Match”). It lets you sign up as a man or a woman (without regard to whether you’re a sugar daddy or baby), and gvs you two options. With the Swipe option, you can choose interesting partners among those presented randomly to you. The Search function (predictably) allows you to search for specific users. There is a Moments section, which lets you post pictures with captions.

Security and privacy

The website staff takes security seriously: they give members the ability to verify their pictures. In turn, this helps users prove that they are who they say they are. Verifying the identity of a sugar daddy identity allows him (if he has a premium membership) to become a “Certified Daddy,” which helps put his profile at the top search inquiries. The staff verifies the incomes of users on their site, to ensure that the sugar babies can be properly taken care of.

Members can hide their email address, which creates greater security for all parties. They can hide their profile pic or other pictures, and create albums that can only be accessed by certain groups. You can block abusive users, and report users who appear seem shady or like scammers.

Altogether, these features ensure that there are few fake accounts. Even profiles that are legitimate, but of low quality—for example, those that don’t have good pictures—are suspended until the user supplies better photos.

Design and usability

Its design is user-friendly and intuitive, with descriptive category titles and an easy-to-access settings section. Icons are used to depict messaging, winking, and other features. The colors used and font choices are easy to read, making them easier to access for users have vision problems.


Since 2007, thousands of sugar daddies and babies have found the kind of relationships they seek. Users report that there are a lot of matches on the website, and that they’ve been able to find long-term partners on it. There is a large variety of partners with different tastes, interests, and ideas. There is a decent ratio of men to women, and users with premium memberships can tailor their services to find the perfect match who fits all of their chosen criteria.

Other features of the website make it fun and delightful. The Let’s Meet tool is adds an element of fun and excitement to the experience. The section in which users are prompted to include fun info about themselves is as usfl as it is entertaining.


Despite its positive features, many a sugar baby hasn’t had a good experience with SugarDaddyMeet. They explain that paid memberships are expensive, even when compared to those of other dating or sugaring websites. Plus,the free membership on the website is quite limited: if you don’t have a paid membership, you can’t even talk to potential partners. Auto-renewing membership can be a source of disappointment for users. Finally, the site does not acknowledge sugar-pup men or sugar-mama women in the services it offers.


Overall, SugarDaddyMeet is a great site on which users can find their perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby. It is available in many countries and caters to a sophisticated, educated clientele. Thousands of people have found their perfect mate there over the course of the 12 years since it was founded in 2007. It is an excellent tool in the search for the perfect sugar partner.

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