6 Best Sugar Daddy Sites 2019

Are you a younger lady trying to find an older man to lavish gifts upon you, provide you with financial security, and other benefits? Or are you an older man who would love the companionship of a young lady, but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it? Well, there are companies offering their services to find a perfect match for you! Matchmaking websites are very popular, but some have too broad an appeal for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. A regular matchmaking website isn’t suitable for setting you up with the sugar daddy or sugar baby you’re looking for.

It can be difficult to know which matchmaking website or app to go with. So many of them look the same, offer the same services, and you just can’t find the right person. It can lead to wasted time and efforts, and of course, a lot of frustration. You need options. You need something that will give you the features you need. You need to be able to enter your profile, search for that perfect match, and actually find them! Here are the top 6 sites to find your sugar daddy or sugar baby:

#1 SugarDaddyMeet


With more than 2.3 million registered members, SugarDaddyMeet calls itself “The Leading Sugar Daddy Website in Serving Only Top 20 Richest Countries Since 2007.” They have a ratio of 25% Sugar Daddies and 75% Sugar Babies registered. They also have apps for iOS users, though at the time of writing this, they are having technical issues with the Apple App Store.

The website is clean and well-designed. It’s available to anyone who lives in one of the top 20 richest countries, as they have stated. Their service claims to have several unique features in addition to the standard blog, ability to search members, and messages. These include the Sugar Daddy First Date Gift, where the sugar daddy offers a gift to a sugar baby, and she has the choice of accepting or refusing. The Spark feature allows both sugar daddy and sugar baby to quickly like photos, and if they like each other’s photo, they’re sent a message to let them know. Members are verified, as well. Sugar daddies have their income verified, so that they are legitimate sugar daddies. You can also find first date ideas, gift wishlists, and the Sugar Daddy Forums.

Worried about safety? There is advice for dating and privacy safety available, and everyone who signs up is verified. SugarDaddyMeet takes security and safety of their members seriously. Of course, until you feel comfortable enough, you don’t have to tell anyone anything you don’t want to until you’re ready. It’s free to join with a Standard Membership, but if you want to be able to initiate contact you need a Premium Membership. Along with this are advanced security and search options, as well as being able to view the last login time of matches. A Premium Membership costs $50 for one month, or you could pay $144 for 6 months.

With a lot of options, great security, and a large number of members to match with, there’s no doubt that you can find your sugar daddy or sugar baby on SugarDaddyMeet.

  • What’s great about it: It has the largest number of features and verified members.
  • What’s not so great: Not much to say, except that it’s one of the smallest number of memberships in this list.

#2 SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement is big. With more than 10 million members, 4 sugar babies for each sugar daddy, it is very likely a match can be made. They provide “Relationships on Your Terms.” What will catch your attention is that they provide mutually beneficial relationships, something they call an Arrangement. An Arrangement is where each party is direct about what they want. No time is wasted. And who wants to waste time searching through endless profiles that say nothing? There is an app available for Android users.

The design has a fairly classy look. If you want to join, you’re in better luck here, because they accept members from 139 countries around the world. They have the standard features, such as messaging, liking profiles, and a blog. The website is also available in 7 different languages. Something that they offer that would be considered unique is that they have exclusive SeekingArrangement parties. The search function is in-depth, and you can search for exactly what you want in a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

As with all matchmaking sites, privacy is an important factor when deciding to join. SeekingArrangement is serious about privacy and security, and they verify members. You can sign up for free with their Standard Membership, or you can upgrade to the Premium Membership for $89.95 per month or $239.85 for 3 months. With the Premium Membership, you have more options, including sending messages, seeing more in-depth information, and more!

While this website has fewer services, it makes up for it in the sheer number of members. You have so many options, it’s likely you’ll find your match!

  • What’s great about it: It’s huge. It has the largest membership, so best chance of finding a match. It’s also the most international.
  • What’s not so great: It is the most expensive option on this list! But that shouldn’t be a problem for a sugar daddy.

#3 SugarDaddie

sugar daddie

With more than 5 million members, Sugardaddie.com has been “Introducing Wealthy Men to Beautiful Women Since 2002.” They state that they are the original dating website dedicated to matching the wealthy with the beautiful.

This website oozes sophistication. The design is clean and attractive, and this shows that they provide a quality service, assisting wealthy men in finding younger women to enjoy live together. It’s available in 7 countries, which is fewer than others. Like other matchmaking websites, this includes the standards, including searching profiles, messaging, and a blog. They also have dedicated customer service by telephone for their members. Some unique features include forums and adding members to a hotlist. But one thing that this site offers is traditional dating, not just searching for a sugar daddy.

Sugardaddie.com takes privacy and security seriously, as with the others. If you don’t want to share something, you don’t need to until you feel comfortable. Members aren’t required to verify their income if they don’t want to. The free membership is free, but if you want to initiate contact with someone, you need to have a paid membership. This costs $21.99 per month or $109.99 for an entire year.

This is the original sugar daddy website, and it’s also more affordable. They don’t have innovative features by today’s standards, but they are very popular.

  • What’s great about it: This is the cheapest option of them all. It is also the oldest and most established website in this list. It looks good. There’s also traditional dating options.
  • What’s not so great: Not much, but the features are pretty standard. Nothing special about the features.

#4 SugarDaddyForMe


Claiming to be the “World’s Largest Sugar Daddy Dating Website,” SugarDaddyForMe.com has more than 4 million members. While the website isn’t the most attractive, they do have interesting options for members.

The design of this website looks like something from the first decade of this century. It doesn’t appear to have been updated to match the looks of more beautifully designed sites. But don’t let that bother you, as with this kind of design, there is a simplicity to it that makes it easy to use. And maybe some nostalgia. Their features are pretty standard. You have the ability to search profiles, message them, and make matches. But it’s only available for Americans. Sorry, international sugar daddies and sugar babies! Here’s the thing that can attract people to join: 3 day free trial with total access! For just 3 days, you can freely use the website and all of its features, including messaging members. That’s something that other dating websites usually can’t say.

But what about privacy? Isn’t this risky? Well, as with all dating websites, be careful about what you say and who you contact. After the three day trial, you have to join as a full paid member if you want to continue. There are two tiers: Silver and Gold. Silver is the standard membership, but with Gold, you have unlimited mail storage, your profile higher in search results, unlimited instant messaging, and more. In addition to that, there’s the Total Access feature which allows all members to be able to contact you. Silver Membership costs $39.95 per month ($54.90 with Total Access) and Gold Membership is only $5 more! That’s $44.95 per month ($59.90 with Total Access).

While it’s a fairly simple service, SugarDaddyForMe.com offers a trial that is very enticing for anyone who wants to give it a try.

  • What’s great about it: The 3 day free trial is very attractive, as is the Total Access feature.
  • What’s not so great: It’s not an attractive website. It’s quite dated looking.

#5 What’s Your Price


With more than 3 million members, this service calls itself “the online dating shortcut.” And what would you expect with a website called What’s Your Price? This is a very intriguing model, one that you can’t compare the others with. Its entire premise is unique.

The design of this website is very straightforward and clean. It’s quite easy to get around. The features are quite standard, which isn’t the reason that this service stands out. Of course, you can message, favorite, and search for members. Members are from multiple countries, so it’s international. Sounds pretty normal so far, doesn’t it? What’s unusual, and may appeal to some people, is that you bid on first dates. You’re not buying a membership, you’re buying credits to use to bid on a potential date. If they accept, you have a match and you can start talking to each other. It’s a date auction! If you have especially deep pockets, you’re more likely to score that first date.

Privacy is pretty standard, as with all others. You tell what you’re comfortable, and make sure you keep yourself safe. Being a member is free, but you can’t initiate contact unless you want to be the person to make a bid. Both men and women can bid on or make bids. The wealthier members can make the bid, while those who wish to be compensated for their time can receive and accept the bids. 100 credits is $50, while 1000 credits is $250. Credits never expire, so this isn’t like a standard paid membership. That’s not what this is. You are paying for the privilege to bid on a first date with someone.

Sound interesting? It is certainly a unique idea and a very interesting way to find a date. Probably the only one you can actually make money!

  • What’s great about it: Unique model. While it’s free to be a member, the bidding system is an exciting way to find a date.
  • What’s not so great: Probably not for the person who’s looking for the more traditional dating website.

#6 SecretBenefits


With a simple look and a very simple system, if you want something that doesn’t have bells and whistles, SecretBenefits is the safest bet. Landing on the first page, you don’t see much. But what you get out of this website is very straightforward and incredibly easy to use.

The design is incredibly clean and easy to navigate. There isn’t much to make you wonder where the features are. It has the standard features, such as messaging, search, and a blog. But what you get with this service is not exactly the same as the others in this list. While the first three had standard free and paid memberships, the fourth had paid only membership with a free trial, and the fifth has credits where you can bid on dates, this one is kind of a mix. You can sign up for free and receive messages, but that’s about it. It’s for wealthy men who want to meet beautiful women. If you’re a sugar daddy, you must pay to do anything. To use this service, you buy credits, then use the credits to be able to send a message, access photos, and more. This service is available to people in multiple countries, so it is internationally diverse.

Privacy is important to SecretBenefits, and so is security, especially when it comes to keeping payments discreet. There are no recurring charges, as credits are bought and kept for as long as you have an account. They do not expire. 100 credits are $59, while 1000 credits are $289. It’s only 10 credits to access unlimited messaging with one person and another 10 to access private photos and videos. It’s a very simple and straightforward system.

SecretBenefits probably offers the simplest site with the simplest system. No worries about monthly charges, just pay for what you need.

  • What’s great about it: Very simple and easy to use. You get what you see. The credit system allows you to pay only for what you need.
  • What’s not so great: The simple look may turn some people away. It doesn’t offer much in the way of features.
Sugar daddies and sugar babies have a lot of options here. Money should be of no concern to the sugar daddies. They’re all rich, right? Some of the choices are cheaper, while others have innovative and unique payment systems. Of course, it’s not all about money. In the end, sugar daddies are looking for attractive women to date or even go further. Sugar babies are looking for financial stability and the benefits that come with dating wealthy older men. Surprisingly, there were few apps available at this time, so you’ll have to settle for standard websites through a PC or Smartphone. But however you access them, there’s a variety of choices. Not all choices will suit everyone, but there is something that will satisfy your needs, and you’ll have a great chance to find that sugar daddy or sugar baby you’re looking for. As always, online dating can be risky if you’re not careful, so stay safe and make sure you’re absolutely sure about the person you’re talking to. Whichever sugar daddy dating site you choose, you’re bound to find success!